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Hello Beauties,

This is Vanessa, the girl behind VStyle Lashes. I would like to introduce a bit about myself. I was a financial services executive in Singapore before I moved to Canada and found my new career as a certified eyelash technician. It was first very hard for me to find a job that matched with my past experience and background. In the need of paying my family’ bills, I reluctantly became an eyelash technician assistant for a very busy and popular home-based salon.

And then…. BOOOM. I felt in love “at the first sight” with lashing. I love the feeling of accomplishment and rewarding when a client smiles beautifully at me and expresses her excitement of her new look. I love how this career is challenging myself to be a better me in many ways and in everyday. I always find new things to learn; keep practicing new styles; updating new knowledge; and enjoying every moment of the whole journey.

In my lashing philosophy, I always keep client’s best interests at heart. That is why I only use best quality products in the market. I also strike to brighten your days with trendy and fluffy lashes while ensuring your natural lashes’ health with utmost care and concerns. Sterilized tools and sanitized equipment are prepared for each use, without exceptions.

I hope that you feel the lashing love in me. It is definitely a great chance to know about you better.

Hey, I am ready to SELL. Take me all if you want ^^.

Have happy lashing adventures, sweethearts!!

With tons of love,


Ps: Please, feel free to visit my website or contact me directly via email should you have any lashing questions, concerns or needs of my professional services

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